Leverage the power of GitBook's API to create powerful integrations with your favorite tools and services.
The GitBook API allows you to read and write information across the spaces and pages you have access to in GitBook. You can do things like update permissions for members in an organization, create change requests, and much more.
This section describes how to use the GitBook API and its resources. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the GitBook Support.

API Endpoint

The GitBook API can be accessed using the hostname:

API Reference

API Reference Learn more about the endpoints you can use from GitBook's REST API
API Explorer Try out the GitBook API and view responses

Authentication & Rate Limiting

Create an API access token and authenticate your API requests.
Understand how API requests are rate limited.

Errors & Pagination

Learn about API errors, how they're structured and how to handle them.
Paginate through API List results.

Client Libraries

Use our libraries to interact with the API.

Changelog & Feedback

Read about what changed with the API.
Share your feedback to improve the API and ensure it fits your needs.