Learn how to Publish your apps and integrations publicly and privately
This section is still currently a WIP as we continue to develop the GitBook Integrations Platform.
When you're ready to publish your integration, you're able to publish it for use within GitBook.

Publishing to a space

To publish your integration, you will need to use the GitBook CLI. By running the publish command, it will publish your integration to GitBook using the options defined in your gitbook-manifest.yaml file.
It's required to have a name, title, description,scopes, and organization in your gitbook-manifest.yaml file to publish an integration.


A unique name for your integration. (e.g. slack)
The title of your integration. (e.g. Slack)
The description for your integration.
A list of scopes your integration allows. The following scopes are accepted:
- space:content:read
- space:content:write
- space:metadata:read
- space:metadata:write
- space:views:read
The name of the subdomain for the organization you are publishing your integration to.
After successfully publishing your integration, you will be able to find your integration via the link returned in your console. Alternatively, you can visit your organization's integration page to see your integration and any other available integrations to install to a space.

Submitting to GitBook's Integration Marketplace