The GitBook Integration Platform is currently in alpha. It's not opened to developers just yet.
References for the command line utility gitbook. The CLI can be used to create, test and publish integrations for the GitBook Integrations platform.
Install the CLI using npm install @gitbook/cli -g.

gitbook auth

Authenticate the CLI with a GitBook Developer API token. You can generate a personal developer token in your GitBook Developer settings.
The token can also be provided using the command line argument --token=<token>; if none is provider, it'll be prompted.

gitbook new <dir>

Create and initialize a new integration locally. The program will prompt for information about the integration.

gitbook publish

Publish the integration defined in the gitbook-manifest.yaml file. See the GitBook Manifest reference documentation to learn more.
See the publishing section to learn more about publishing your integration to GitBook.

gitbook unpublish

Unpublish your integration from the GitBook integration platform.

gitbook whoami

Print information about the currently authenticated user.

gitbook help

View the GitBook CLI commands and information on using them.