Learn how to develop apps and integrations for GitBook
This section is still currently a WIP as we continue to develop the GitBook Integrations Platform.
Developing an integration in GitBook focuses on using ContentKit and GitBook's Runtime APIs. If you're building an integration that uses GitBook's REST API, you'll already be able to see these updates in realtime.

Local Development

By using the GitBook CLI, you're able to boot strap your GitBook integration. In order to see your changes, you'll need to publish your integration to the GitBook integration platform.
After making a change, you'll need to re-publish your app to see your changes live.


Publishing your app can be done via the GitBook CLI. Read more about how to publish your changes in our publishing section.


We've enabled developer logs in your browser's console, allowing you to debug your integration for any errors in your code.
We're actively aiming to make this experience better, and if you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to start the discussion with us in our GitBook community.