API Reference

Here you can find a list of the different endpoints available to use across the GitBook API. Click into each card to learn more.


Authenticated User Retrieve info and search content of the authenticated User.

User Retrieve a specific User.


Collection Retrieve a Collection object.

Spaces Retrieve the Spaces in a Collection.


Spaces Retrieve the Spaces in an Organization.

Members Invite, remove, and update members.

Search Search content in an Organization.

Teams Create, remove, and update teams.


Space Retrieve a Space object.

Change Requests Act on Change Requests and retrieve their content.

Revisions Retrieve Revisions content.

Insights Retrieve Insights data for a Space.

Content Retrieve and import content to a Space.

Search Search content in a Space.


Integration Publish an Integration.


Content Resolve a URL to its corresponding content (Space, Collection, Page).

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