The GitBook API is currently in beta. This means you should not rely on it's availability, and that it may change without prior warning.
This section describes how to use the GitBook API and its resources. If you have any questions or issues, please contact the GitBook Support.

API Endpoint

The GitBook API can be accessed using the hostname:

Authentication & Rate Limiting

Authentication Create an API access token and authenticate your API requests.
Rate Limiting Understand how API requests are rate limited.

Errors & Pagination

Errors Learn about API errors, how they're structured and how to handle them.
Pagination Paginate through API List results.

Resources & Libraries

Resources Documentation Read the reference documentation for the exposed API resources and their operations.
Libraries Use our libraries to interact with the API.

Changelog & Feedback

API Changelog Read about what changed with the API.
Feedback Share your feedback to improve the API and ensure it fits your needs. Feel free to send your questions & feedback to [email protected].